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Code to fit you

Interface coding

Basically, I can code anything inside of the game. You can let your designer be creative, I’ll handle that.

Typical prices for coding:

  • Login coding – 40€
  • All login windows (login, character, empire, loading) – 150€
  • All login windows with animation – 175€
  • In-game interface – from 200€

My requirements

To provide the best possible service, I need a few things from you to keep both parties happy. I have learnt a lot over the last few years, here are my requirements:

  • Access to the game client,
  • Dynamic or unpacked root


All the interfaces I code do scale. It will never go beyond the screen. Starting from full HD, going down as low as 800 x 600.

Why do I need this?

For two simple reasons:

  • I prepare the code directly for your game client
  • Installation consists only of transferring the files you receive from me

My intention is not to copy your solutions, but to give you the best possible collaboration experience. I have no intention of losing the brand I have been building for years for a few lines of code.

Example implementations

Clean code

I love to keep it clean and simple. When you receive your code, you will notice that. Don’t you worry about anything. Just replace a few files and you good to go.

Speed and reliability

I use the best possible solutions for any coding. If you have animated background, no problem, I’ll handle this with no visible performance issue.

User friendly

Throughout the years I have developed techniques for intuitive user experience. Any of windows scale down to 800×600 resolution properly.