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Bonus switcher

    Short description

    This idea doesn’t need any explanations. This system is obligatory for any type of server nowadays. Why don’t we do it with style? Those are functionalities for player in just a few points:

    • You can add up to 7 items at once
    • You can switch 1-5 and 6-7 bonuses separately
    • You can select up to 5 different switching patterns, if you are not that specific about what you want
    • You can select 4 different speeds, 1000 ms, 500 ms, 300 ms and 150 ms
    • After warp, relogin, etc, it goes without your interruption, even when you run out of switching items
    • You can save any switching patterns you want
    • Just look at this stunning animation
    • Yes, you can minimize it so this big window won’t bother you

    Some improvements

    Minimized window which you can drag over border
    Drag window to edge of the screen to minimize
    Template window

    Price: 150€