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Resp manager

    Track bosses and stones on the map you are in. Teleport to them and compete with other players for the best drops. Price: 150€

    Dynamic font change

      Change default font in game and see the result in no time. You can easily add new fonts. Price: 50€

      Render target

        Preview items you see in game, either in inventory, exchange or shop. You always see what you are supposed to see. You certainly won’t notice a drop in performance by… Read More »Render target

        Teleport window

          Let the players know where do they go. This system will show them all the necessary informations. Configuration All the informations are fetch from regens, so you don’t have to… Read More »Teleport window

          Alignment bonus

            Setting up bonuses for alignment never been this easy. Just open one txt file and configure everything to your needs. Price: 25€

            Save locations

              Save an position, to return to it in the future. An elegant window allows you to organise your favourite locations. Can’t remember what a position means? No problem! Take a… Read More »Save locations

              Drop info

                With this window you can see what you would get from selected monster. Price: 25€

                Fast status adding

                  You reach high levels so fast you forget to distribute status points. No worries. This window will help you. Select how many status points you want to spend. Price: 10€

                  Bonus switcher

                    Short description This idea doesn’t need any explanations. This system is obligatory for any type of server nowadays. Why don’t we do it with style? Those are functionalities for player… Read More »Bonus switcher