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Itemshop 2.2.10

Today I am coming with a new update to itemshop system. First and most noticable change is addon of new logs window. Navigation bar now has a new item:

New button in navigation bar – history.

Clicking it welcomes you with a nice little animation:

Loading animation in logs window

When you hover each and every item you can read some details, exact buy date, item tooltip, price and discount data, ip address, channel and player name who bought the item. This means logs are linked to your account, not necessarily to a character:

Hover the cell to see the details

Another change is daily reward window. The logic is same, but now UI is a bit different. Instead of looking at random chest icon there are actual items visible:

New view on daily reward window

Another small yet helpful for the player update is calculating item price based on item count:

Set item count and see recalculated price

Also you can see use of coin icon instead of text. You can adjust this, but I think it looks cool. Last but not least, subcategories are added. For example, you can add a category for costumes and subcategory for man and woman:

Category and its subcategories

This is it if comes to new features visible to end user, but there are more things worth mentioning. First and foremost whole UI now is properly moved to uiscript. This means in the interface is totally separated from the logic. This makes unique designs easier to code and maintain. If it comes to logs, cache was implemented so network usage is insignificant. User stores buy logs locally on PC with timestamp that determines what data does he/she has.

Some of the contants were adjusted, there are 3 new CONFIG settings you can set, ITEMSHOP_STATS_FLUSH_TIME (default – 300), ITEMSHOP_COOLDOWN (default – 2), ITEMSHOP_LIMITED_ITEM_REFRESH_TIME (default – 300).