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    Short description

    Itemshop is a place, where player can buy some exclusive items by premium currency. Bought goods go straight into inventory.

    • Why would I have this system in game?
      • Opening web browser while farming might be irritating. In addition to that, you have to take out items from store. With my solution you get it done with just a few clicks.
    • How is this different to other’s solutions?
      • Developing this beauty, I did buckle down to optimization and security. It has been developed since 2018 with different successions, but this version is like a well-cut suit. I won’t stop on that, there are new things to be added.
    • Is this tried and true?
      • I spend a lot of time finding errors not visible at the first glance. All functions are tested well and secure. You can go and see system in action on live servers.

    Some of the functions

    Let’s have a look at certain parts of the window.

    Just a banner and 9 of most bought items.

    Here you can see a list of items splitted to certain categories. Search bar will help with finding desirable item.

    Those, who love the thrill would be happy here. On the left, you can see buttons for each group of items, in the middle sits The Wheel, on the right list of items you can actually get. At the bottom just a small tip for you to inform you how much does it cost to spin and how much you are left with.

    We all love to see a discount. You are able to set so.

    Hard-bitten players would be rewarded with new items when they login and get a reward daily. Don’t forget to click, one day off and your streak is gone.

    Ability to choose which bonuses you want the purchased item to have

    Items available in limited quantities and/or for a limited time.

    VIP packets to be purchased in-game, available without re-logging.

    In-game notification when a new item is on sale

    By opening the items tab, the player can filter items by currency.

    Button for automatic spinning

    Some geeky stuff

    Some info about database structure for system.

    • itemshop_items
    IDUnique key for each item
    categoryIdentificator of category from itemshop_category
    vnumIdentificator of item from item_proto
    pricePrice of item
    price_typeList with type of currency
    countCount of item
    bonus_typeList with the type of bonuses. To make the selection window visible, add two items with the same `ID` and separate `bonus_type`
    socket0-socket5Defined by administrator value of each socket
    attrype0-attrtype6Defined by administrator type of each attribute
    attrvalue0-attrvalue6Defined by administrator value of each attribute
    fixed_countIf true, in game you can only buy set amount of item, if false, you can input this number
    add_timeTime when item was added
    discountValue of which item is less expensive
    discount_timeTime, when discount expires
    additional_timeWhen you buy limited time item, administrator can define this time here
    limited_timeHow long the item is available
    limited_countQuantity for which the sale of the item is blocked
    limited_buy_countNumber of items that players have already purchased (do not change!)
    is_vipIf 1, the item is a VIP pack (extra experience, increased storage, etc), if 0, a normal item
    limited_buy_timeIf the value is set, the player can only purchase the item from time to time, specified here in seconds
    • itemshop_editor
    nameName of the character, that can manage sale in game
    • itemshop_statistics
    idKey of item from table itemshop_items
    category Key of group from table itemshop_items
    countActual count of sold item
    • itemshop_wheel_group
    idUnique key of each wheel group
    pricePrice of spinning
    price_typeIf “cash” – you pay premium currency, if “yang” – you pay Yang, in any other case, you pay set item vnum
    • itemshop_wheel_item
    groupKey of group from table itemshop_wheel_group
    item_vnum Identificator of item from item_proto
    item_countCount of item you get if win
    chanceChance of getting certain item
    • itemshop_daily_reward
    dayNumber of day in calendar, from 1 to 28
    vnum Identificator of item from item_proto
    count Count of item you get
    • itemshop_category
    idUnique key of each category
    nameThe name of the category, the client will try to find this value in the localeInfo, so setting “ITEMSHOP_CATEGORY_01” will get the translated text.

    Price: 200€