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Giftbox preview

    There are people who what to know what’s inside. Let them see. With this addition you can preview content of any openable item in game. Price: 50€

    Item remove

      We all tend to collect some garbage, both in real life and in game, don’t we? You can get rid of unnecessary items by placing them in this window (works… Read More »Item remove

      Mission system

        Player can complete mission consisting of returning items for certain npc. There is a in game window with all important information. On administrator side on things, you can add as… Read More »Mission system

        Promo code

          Window where player can enter a code and receive set items. Idea is very simple, each player can only obtain one item from one promotion, but you can add as… Read More »Promo code


            Short description Itemshop is a place, where player can buy some exclusive items by premium currency. Bought goods go straight into inventory. Some of the functions Let’s have a look… Read More »Itemshop